Want To Get An AMAZING Deal On a House? Who Doesn’t! Read On To Find Out How to Get The Best Possible Deal On Your Dream House

You should know that if you are a qualified buyer, you’ve got the upper hand; and not only just with the seller. You’ve got the upper hand with the agents, the bank lenders, and even the contractors. Here are some ways to get a great deal on a house. See: 10 Tips for Getting a Fair Price on a Home.70f6a92a27325dd5401b1194bb95bc65

The first thing you’ve got to do is know the market. This is the best way to get a good deal on a home. You must do your homework, so that you know what the house is actually worth. You’ll find that most of this information is readily available and can be accessed from your sofa, for free! Scan along through mainstream websites like zillow.com and trulia.com.

Next, don’t try to insult the bank. When you go to apply for your mortgage loan, bring all of the data and let them know that you’re offering a fair price for the home. If you can prove that, they’re much more likely to lend it to you. See: How to Get the Best Deal Buying a New House.

Negotiate! Always start with the agent who is representing the bipad-mapuyer. This is because buyers agents usually tell their clients that they don’t have to pay to hire them, since the seller is the one paying commission. However, the seller wouldn’t ever lower the price of his house if the agent wasn’t willing to lower his commission.

So, you just never know. The agent might actually be willing to take a lower commission cut in order to sell the place. Especially since these days, it can be pretty tough to come by a buyer at all. The agent doesn’t want to lose the deal over a few grand.

Never settle for a horrible location. Even if the price of the property is so cheap that you feel like you’d kick yourself for passing up such a good deal. You won’t. You’ll kick yourself later when you go to your car to go to work in the morning only to discover your window has been beaten in, and your stereo is gone.

Also never live near an airport, a highway, or a few blocks away from a school. Of course, homes that are very close in proximity to great schools and transportation generally sell for a lot; but if you’ll notice…they also sell often. People grow tired very quickly of listening to airplanes, or taking 20 minutes to get to their driveway because school’s just let out. For further reading, see: How to Get a Good Deal on a House in a Great Area.


  • Catherine

    We found out dream home, but it is right on a busy highway..should we not purchase it?

  • webmaster

    Hi Catherine,

    Unfortunately, this is going to be a personal decision. Know that it will likely be a tough sell when and if you decide to move. Look at the comps for the area, and determine if it is worth it. Good luck!


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